Frank Legan Advisors at Cedar Brook Group

The Experience Index™

Time after time, a couple of meetings into our planning process, our new clients have a huge exhale – literally a sigh of relief. When we inquire about their reaction, the answers comprise a repeating theme. They’ve done plenty of great work on the numbers, yet previous planning experiences had never allocated this much bandwidth to the non-financial questions.

Clients discover that the quality of the non-financial discussions allows complexity to dissipate. They’re able to relax into the planning experience, because it’s no longer about numbers-first-and-mostly. There’s a wrapper of humanity around the planning process, which is why we coined our model, The Humanity FactorTM.

In response to their responses, we developed The Experience Index™. It’s a questionnaire that allows you to benchmark your experience not just your assets. Once you have your score, we provide tools and exercises to increase your awareness about how you may wish to broaden your planning experience.

We hope you enjoy the questionnaire.