Frank Legan Advisors at Cedar Brook Group


Cedar Brook Financial is the best thing that has happened for my financial future. Frank and Luci are professional, very personable, and a delight to work with. They explain things in a way that makes sense to clueless laypeople such as myself. Cedar Brook has served me well, and the rewards have been greater than anticipated, so I often recommend their services to others. My only regret is that I didn’t use Cedar Brook sooner!

- Melissa (2/8/22), not compensated.

I desired a plan that would set me up for a healthy retirement, so I decided to seek the help of a financial advisor. I met Frank Legan of Cedar Brook Group over 15 years ago and connected with him very quickly. It’s abundantly clear that Frank is an expert in his field and loves what he does. I truly appreciate that he gives advice based on what is best for you as a person, not what necessarily puts more money in his pocket.

If you want an advisor that’s in the business for the right reasons, work with Frank. He’s great at explaining and answering questions, and talks to you in ways you’ll understand. He truly listens and always follows up.

As a CPA, I work with a large variety of clients, and whenever I’m asked for a financial advisor recommendation, Frank is the first name out of my mouth. Those who have gone on to work with him always rave about their experience.

My top priority is setting myself up financially to weather any storms and have a successful retirement. It’s an amazing feeling to have the opportunity to work with a great business partner to make it happen. I look forward to many more years working with Frank and his team.

- Alyson (1/10/22), not compensated.

We have known our advisor, Frank Legan, for about 20 years. He has been our advisor for about 15 of those. Frank has proven to be very honest, available, and trustworthy. He is also very good at what he does! If you decide to use his service, you will get a low-key, considerate, quality advisor that tailors his service to your needs. By the way, we couldn’t be happier with our results!

- Pete (2/11/22), not compensated.

For about 30 years I was with another financial investor but switched to partner with Cedar Brook about 10 years ago for one reason: Frank Legan came highly recommended by my niece, Alyson. And Frank has advised me with my investments ever since.

I enjoy working with Frank mainly because of his approach to investing and continuous follow-up, which is why I recommend him to anyone that asks. I know that when I refer someone to Frank, he will follow up and the individual will be extremely happy working with Frank. Frank not only has good sound advice about investments, but he genuinely cares about the people he works with.

Based on our initial meeting, Frank recommended a financial plan; we have followed that plan, with Frank addressing all issues and concerns raised in the plan (including long-term care insurance), and he recently helped with an insurance issue related to my father’s life insurance policy.

I am extremely happy working with Frank and will continue to work with him and refer clients to him even after I retire. (He has even referred several tax clients to my firm!)

The most important benefit from working with Frank is the comfort in knowing that my investments are in good hands and are being well managed. I know I’m working with someone who truly cares about me and my family.

- Bill (2/15/22), not compensated.

In 2016, Jim and I began looking for a financial advisor because he was nearing retirement and there’s a large age gap between us. With retirement looming for Jim and my longer life expectancy, we were both feeling overwhelmed, wondering what to do with all our retirement accounts. My brother-in-law, Michael DeJohn, works with Frank and made the recommendation. Prior to that, it felt like I was cherry-picking someone. Who really knows whether you can trust (or even like) the person giving you advice?

Frank has been the advisor I previously could only have wished and dreamed of. We have ABSOLUTE trust in him. This trust began in part because we trust Michael, who recommended Frank, but it grew because of Frank and his calm, straightforward, and honorable behavior. Financial advice is one thing (and we trust Frank there), but trusting the character of the person giving you that advice is completely another. Both Jim and I have peace of mind that our interests and wishes are being listened to, and the belief that Frank will advise but ultimately do what we desire. We sleep well knowing that Frank—and by extension Cedar Brook—is looking out for our interests and helping us navigate the retirement part of retirement accounts.

- Kate and James (1/10/22), not compensated.

Prior to partnering with Cedar Brook, we were with another agency and no longer happy with our financial counselor. My daughter had dealings with Frank in a different capacity and felt he could meet our needs. We made an appointment, and from the very start, we knew that Frank was a great fit for us. We felt he understood what we needed/wanted, we recognized his strong commitment to meeting those needs, and we appreciated his honest and open approach. We met with Frank several years prior to our retirement, which allowed us to feel comfortable once we were ready to make that move. We have since both retired and are doing well. In addition to our annual reviews, Frank continues to regularly reach out to keep us informed and seek our input if we’d like to see any changes.

We have recommended Frank to our very close friends, who have shared with us that they are pleased with Frank and are partnering with him as their financial advisor as well. Although their goal is different from ours, they also feel Frank understands their needs and is looking out for their best interest.

We also are very pleased with Luci Charnas (Associate) and feel she is a great addition to the team. She is always approachable, able to assist with our questions, and an awesome link when working with Frank to ensure easy access. I think the greatest benefit of working with Frank is the comfort in knowing he helps keep our financial status secure during retirement. We would recommend Frank and his team to anyone!

- Maria (2/14/22), not compensated.

When I retired from the public sector as a firefighter/paramedic in late 2016, I was looking to combine my IRAs and 457 plan with a financial firm that could manage them for my family’s future, and provide a secure stream income for my wife and daughter in my estate plan.

Shortly after retiring, I was introduced to Cedar Brook Financial Group by a friend, and my wife and I had several meetings with Frank Legan, a partner with the firm. Visiting a financial planner was a big step for our family as I had always taken care of our retirement savings while working. Both Cedar Brook and Frank Legan were very patient and informative in their presentations and presented various options to safeguard our retirement assets. Frank made us feel like family, and so we felt very comfortable and secure in handing him the reins for the next step in our financial lives.

We’ve had some changes along the way—all for the better. The securities were now being handled by Charles Schwab, a win-win situation for both us and Cedar Brook. Recently Frank added a premier advisory firm to our portfolio, Frontier Asset Management, which moved our investing theme to a more conservative model to safeguard our retirement assets. Frontier’s model is downside first, while protecting your assets, an approach that has proven very effective since the start of the pandemic and resulting recovery to date.

I have recommended Cedar Brook Group, and specifically Frank Legan, to some friends as well as my new son-in-law to handle their financial concerns. When you call or visit Frank and his dedicated assistant, Luci Charnas, they always make you feel welcome, like family, and will always take the time to talk to you and answer your questions. Sometimes I like to stop into just chit chat with Frank and Luci over a cup of coffee, talking about our families as well as financial matters. This family atmosphere is evident throughout the Cedar Brook location.

Our family feels very fortunate to have found such a match in Cedar Brook, and especially Frank and Luci, to navigate, protect, and inform us through the next phase in our financial future.

- John and Beverly (2/15/2022), not compensated.

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