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Financial planning involves so much more than numbers.

It can be tough to make highly personal decisions when the conversations aren’t directly focused on you.

The Humanity Factor aims to honor you as the central figure of your own planning.

Frank Legan helps you define and pursue your dreams for the future. He introduces you to an accessible, achievable, personalized process that allows you to be open, vulnerable, and honest about your fears and insecurities. The Cedar Brook Group, a team of financial advisors for high-net-worth individuals and families, designed this unique approach, which starts with what matters: the people and things that you care about most.

The Humanity Factor focuses on your strengths, guiding you through a personalized, step-by-step guide to financial planning. The goal of The Humanity Factor is for you to come away with a plan you are confident in for your nest egg and a new perspective on who you are and what you want out of life.

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Join Frank in person as he shares insights from his new book “The Humanity Factor: A Heart-Driven Approach to Your Finances and Your Future.”

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New Book “The Humanity Factor” Delivers Reimagined Approach to Achieving Financial Success

Cleveland-based author and financial advisor provides a step-by-step guide to designing a heart driven and fulfilling financial plan

CLEVELAND — Facing your financial reality and designing an achievable plan to reach your financial goals can be a daunting challenge, especially while struggling to balance the demands of family, perceived societal expectations and sincere happiness Frank Legan, a Cleveland- based financial advisor is revealing a new approach to achieving wealth beyond the numbers in his new book “The Humanity Factor.”

The book explores the invaluable insight that lies in self-discovery and aligning your financial goals with the desires of your heart. Far from the conventional advice-driven financial literature, this book delves into the core of what truly matters and makes for a most fulfilling life.

“Today’s conventional financial advice driven by data and benchmarks creates more friction than harmony in the financial planning process,” said Frank Legan. “We prioritize conversation and connection to uncover what matters most in our clients’ lives. We’ve found they may reach their financial goals more effectively and can be more satisfied throughout the process.”

Drawing upon his years of experience and a deeply empathetic approach, Legan takes readers on a journey of self-reflection and financial enlightenment. He believes true wealth is not solely defined by monetary assets but by the harmony between one’s financial strategy and unique life aspirations. Through relatable client anecdotes, practical strategies, and a genuine passion for helping people, “The Humanity Factor” offers readers a fresh perspective on working towards achieving financial success with purpose.

“Since founding Cedar Brook Group in 2005, we’ve been committed to providing our clients with a solution to traditional financial planning by weaving The Humanity Factor into everything we do,” said William Glubiak, Chief Executive Officer and a Founding Principal and Partner of Cedar Brook Group. “We applaud Frank and his team for truly embodying The Humanity Factor in their practice and providing even more families with the opportunity to reach their most meaningful financial goals through this approach.”

Readers can expect a step-by-step process of becoming their authentic selves, uncovering their strengths, appreciating their missteps along the way, and viewing them as foundational steps to creating a financial plan that makes sense for their unique situation.

Legan invites readers to discover how knowing oneself, identifying what they love, and daydreaming about their desired retirement can lead to a life rich in financial and emotional wealth. With “The Humanity Factor,” readers will gain insights into aligning their financial choices with their deepest passions while working to ensure that their wealth serves as a means to live life to the fullest.

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About the Author:

Frank Legan is a Cleveland-based author, a partner and financial advisor at The Cedar Brook Group, one of the largest independent wealth management firms in Northeast Ohio. Frank spends his days designing and implementing personalized financial planning strategies for corporate executives, business owners, artists, families and retirees. He focuses on lifetime income planning strategies, investment advice, and estate planning services. He also works with businesses to develop strategic and succession planning strategies.

Frank holds a B.A. from the University of Dayton and a master’s degree from Cleveland State University.

Frank has been active in his community as he served as a Council Representative at Large for the City of Highland Heights, as well as Vice President and Secretary for the Hillcrest Council of Councils. He currently serves as a Board Member and Emeritus Chairman for Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland.

Frank lives in Gates Mills with his wife Laura, daughter Reese and their collie Charlie.