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The road to financial security is a bumpy one—often filled with exciting opportunities as well as unexpected challenges.

At Cedar Brook Group, our mission is to help you navigate every complex financial matter you encounter on your road to financial security. Whether you need help setting financial goals, navigating a market decline, or minimizing your tax burden, we welcome the opportunity to sit down and chat with you.

Get started by calling 440-683-9213 or emailing flegan@cedarbrookfinancial.com.

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5885 Landerbrook Drive, Suite 200
Cleveland, OH 44124
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We realize that Covid-19 is a changing, fluid situation. At this time, we are not seeing clients or prospects in the office for meetings. However, our team is in the office daily, and we can make arrangements to meet you in the lobby/atrium if you need to drop off or pick up anything from us. If you absolutely need to meet with us in the office, we can work with you to make that possible.