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Leading you to comfort, confidence and clarity around your bigger future.

At Frank Legan Financial Advisors, we believe in a holistic and calm approach to financial planning, wealth management and creation.

Frank Legan is a proud partner of the Cedar Brook Group

Our Guiding Principal

The Humanity FactorTM

As a member of the Cedar Brook community, our mission was to overcome a prevailing challenge facing families who wished to plan for and manage their financial affairs. Our industry leads consumers to view planning through a filter of numbers first and foremost.

These number-centric conversations are so hollow it becomes tough to get grounded about what makes sense for you personally. How can a plan truly serve you if it’s developed in a vacuum of context? We believe the solution lies in a philosophy and an approach that we’ve coined The Humanity FactorTM.

Anyone can chase return or give technical advice. In contrast, The Humanity Factor is about learning who you are as an individual, husband, wife or parent; as a leader, mentor or philanthropist.

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Our Services

As Financial Advisors in Cleveland, OH, we specialize in helping our clients with their retirement planning, investment management, and financial planning. We are also experts in business and succession planning as well as estate planning. 

It’s our goal to help our clients create a plan for their financial future that helps them feel more confident and secure. If you need help with retirement planning, investment management, and financial planning, please contact our office today.

The Experience Index™

Try our new questionnaire that allows you to benchmark your advisor experience not just your assets. Once you have your score, we provide tools and exercises to increase your awareness about how you may wish to broaden your planning experience.

What Makes Us Different

It’s about your relationships, your life’s work, your passions or your contributions. It’s about the families, the advisors and the firm working together toward a common purpose: to honor you as the central figure of your own planning.

Only when we know who you are can we prudently and wisely advise you on where to go.

That’s The Humanity FactorTM.

The Humanity Factor

Working together toward a common purpose: to honor you as the central figure of your own planning.

A Unique Approach to Planning

With our Cultivate Today methodology, you’ll feel an unprecedented connection to your choices

Elevated Client Experience

Founded on a passion to provide great planning to a diverse client base. Our Guarantee is that your needs come first.

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